Our Collection of Digitized Research Papers

 A lot of experiment data is being published every year in the combustion field and a vast amount of data is published in the form of graphical charts. This data is useful for analyzing simulation data against experimental results. A digitized version of a large amount of this data has been captured from the literature available online and has been made available through Cloudflame.

Digitized data plays an important role by (i) allowing an easy comparison of a new experimental data with those of published ones (ii) validating the performance of a developed kinetic mechanism with the published experiment data (iii) allowing the users to develop data science models with the vast data from the literature.

Cloudflame currently consists of experiment databases of shock tube/ rapid compression machine ignition delay times and jet stirred reactor speciation. The website database currently consists of 350+ publications. Our aim is to add new data to cloudflame over time, striving for a rapid progress of the combustion field.

Digitized Data Example

Below is an example of the data that we store, we currently have 351 active research papers digitized and the number is rising.

Title Journal Pub. Year Authors Data Ext. Paper
Experimental and Detailed Modeling Study of the Effect of Water Vapor on the Kinetics of Combustion of Hydrogen and Natural Gas, Impact on {NO} x Energy & Fuels,Vol. 23, P. 725--734 2009 Cong, T. Le and Dagaut, P. Data Paper