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Title Journal Pub. Year Authors Data Ext. Paper
Acetylene pyrolysis in a jet-stirred-reactor for low pressure gas carburizing process – Experiments, kinetic modeling and mixing intensity investigations by CFD simulation Chemical Engineering Science 2019 Tsilla Bensabath and Hubert Monnier and Pierre-Alexandre Glaude Data Paper
An experimental study in a jet-stirred reactor and a comprehensive kinetic mechanism for the oxidation of methyl ethyl ketone Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,Vol. , P. - 2016 Thion, Sébastien and Diévart, Pascal and Cauwenberghe, Pierre Van and Dayma, Guillaume and Serinyel, Zeynep and Dagaut, Philippe Data Paper
A comprehensive experimental and modeling study of isobutene oxidation Combustion and Flame,Vol. 167, P. 353 - 379 2016 Zhou, Chong-Wen and Li, Yang and O'Connor, Eoin and Somers, Kieran P. and Thion, Sébastien and Keesee, Charles and Mathieu, Olivier and Petersen, Eric L. and DeVerter, Trent A. and Oehlschlaeger, Matthew A. and Kukkadapu, Goutham and Sung, Chih-Jen and Alrefae, Majed and Khaled, Fathi and Farooq, Aa Data Paper
A comprehensive experimental and kinetic modeling study of ethylbenzene combustion Combustion and Flame,Vol. 166, P. 255 - 265 2016 Yuan, Wenhao and Li, Yuyang and Pengloan, Gaëlle and Togbé, Casmir and Dagaut, Philippe and Qi, Fei Data Paper
Ignition studies of n-heptane/iso-octane/toluene blends Combustion and Flame,Vol. 171, P. 223 - 233 2016 Javed, Tamour and Lee, Changyoul and AlAbbad, Mohammed and Djebbi, Khalil and Beshir, Mohamed and Badra, Jihad and Curran, Henry and Farooq, Aamir Data Paper
Ignition delay measurements of light naphtha: A fully blended low octane fuel Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,Vol. , P. - 2016 Javed, Tamour and Nasir, Ehson F. and Ahmed, Ahfaz and Badra, Jihad and Djebbi, Khalil and Beshir, Mohamed and Ji, Weiqi and Sarathy, S. Mani and Farooq, Aamir Data Paper
Compositional effects on the ignition of \{FACE\} gasolines Combustion and Flame,Vol. 169, P. 171 - 193 2016 Sarathy, S. Mani and Kukkadapu, Goutham and Mehl, Marco and Javed, Tamour and Ahmed, Ahfaz and Naser, Nimal and Tekawade, Aniket and Kosiba, Graham and AlAbbad, Mohammed and Singh, Eshan and Park, Sungwoo and Rashidi, Mariam Al and Chung, Suk Ho and Roberts, William L. and Oehlschlaeger, Matthew A. Data Paper
Experimental study of the kinetics of ethanol pyrolysis and oxidation behind reflected shock waves and in laminar flames Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,Vol. 35, P. 393 - 400 2015 Aghsaee, M. and Nativel, D. and Bozkurt, M. and Fikri, M. and Chaumeix, N. and Schulz, C. Data Paper
Alternative Fuels Based on Biomass: An Experimental and Modeling Study of Ethanol Cofiring to Natural Gas J. Eng. Gas Turbines Power,Vol. 137, P. 091503 2015 Braun-Unkhoff, Marina and Dembowski, Jens and Herzler, J\"{u}rgen and Karle, J\"{u}rgen and Naumann, Clemens and Riedel, Uwe Data Paper
Ignition of ethanol-containing mixtures excited by nanosecond discharge above self-ignition threshold Combustion and Flame,Vol. 162, P. 50 - 59 2015 Kosarev, I.N. and Kindysheva, S.V. and Aleksandrov, N.L. and Starikovskiy, A.Yu. Data Paper