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10.1016/j.combustflame.2010.12.008 Numerical and experimental study of ethanol combustion and oxidation in laminar premixed flames and in jet-stirred reactorLeplat, N. and Dagaut, P. and Togbé, C. and Vandooren, J.Combustion and Flame,Vol. 158, P. 705 - 7252011gamilsmLink
10.1016/j.ijhydene.2007.04.008 Role of chemical kinetics on the detonation properties of hydrogen /natural gas/air mixturesChaumeix, N. and Pichon, S. and Lafosse, F. and Paillard, C.-E.International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,Vol. 32, P. 2216 - 22262007gamilsmLink
10.1016/j.proci.2008.06.014 Experimental study and modeling of shock tube ignition delay times for hydrogen–oxygen–argon mixtures at low temperaturesPang, G.A. and Davidson, D.F. and Hanson, R.K.Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,Vol. 32, P. 181 - 1882009gamilsmLink
10.1016/0010-2180(84)90088-9 Autoignition in methane?hydrogen mixturesCheng, R.K. and Oppenheim, A.K.Combustion and Flame,Vol. 58, P. 125 - 1391984gamilsmLink
10.1063/1.1696266 Ignition Delays of a Hydrogen—Oxygen—Argon Mixture at Relatively Low TemperaturesSkinner, Gordon B. and Ringrose, Gordon H.The Journal of Chemical Physics,Vol. 42, P. 2190-21921965gamilsmLink
10.1021/ef1009692@proofing Comparative High Temperature Shock Tube Ignition of C1?C4 Primary AlcoholsNoorani, Khalid Emilio and Akih-Kumgeh, Benjamin and Bergthorson, Jeffrey M.Energy \& Fuels,Vol. 0, P. null0gamilsmLink
10.1021/ef100076w Measurement and Chemical Kinetics Modeling of Shock-Induced Ignition of Ethanol?Air MixturesCancino, L. R. and Fikri, M. and Oliveira, A. A. M. and Schulz, C.Energy \& Fuels,Vol. 24, P. 2830-28402010gamilsmLink
10.1016/S0010-2180(71)80093-7 A shock-tube study of the ignition of methanol and ethanol with oxygenCooke, D.F. and Dodson, M.G. and Williams, AlanCombustion and Flame,Vol. 16, P. 233 - 2361971gamilsmLink
10.1524/zpch.2012.0185 On the Chemical Kinetics of Ethanol Oxidation: Shock Tube, Rapid Compression Machine and Detailed Modeling StudyLee, Changyoul and Vranckx, Stijn and Heufer, Karl A. and Khomik, Sergey V. and Uygun, Yasar and Olivier, Herbert and Fernandez, Ravi X.Zeitschrift f\"{u}r Physikalische Chemie,Vol. 226, P. 1--282012gamilsmLink
10.1007/s00193-010-0262-2 Determination of ignition delay times of different hydrocarbons in a new high pressure shock tubeHeufer, K. A. and Olivier, H.Shock Waves,Vol. 20, P. 307--3162010gamilsmLink
10.1021/ef8011036 A Shock Tube Study of the Ignition of n-Heptane, n-Decane, n-Dodecane, and n-Tetradecane at Elevated PressuresShen, Hsi-Ping S. and Steinberg, Justin and Vanderover, Jeremy and Oehlschlaeger, Matthew A.Energy \& Fuels,Vol. 23, P. 2482-24892009gamilsmLink
10.1016/j.combustflame.2004.08.015 Shock tube determination of ignition delay times in full-blend and surrogate fuel mixturesGauthier, B.M. and Davidson, D.F. and Hanson, R.K.Combustion and Flame,Vol. 139, P. 300 - 3112004gamilsmLink
10.1016/0010-2180(94)00236-L A rapid compression machine investigation of oxidation and auto-ignition of n-Heptane: Measurements and modelingMinetti, R. and Carlier, M. and Ribaucour, M. and Therssen, E. and Sochet, L.R.Combustion and Flame,Vol. 102, P. 298 - 3091995gamilsmLink
10.1002/kin.20294 Shock-tube and modeling study of acetaldehyde pyrolysis and oxidationYasunaga, Kenji and Kubo, Satoshi and Hoshikawa, Hiroki and Kamesawa, Takashi and Hidaka, YoshiakiInternational Journal of Chemical Kinetics,Vol. 40, P. 73--1022008gamilsmLink
10.1016/S0010-2180(99)00102-9 Shock-tube and modeling study of ethane pyrolysis and oxidationHidaka, Yoshiaki and Sato, Kazutaka and Hoshikawa, Hiroki and Nishimori, Toshihide and Takahashi, Rie and Tanaka, Hiroya and Inami, Koji and Ito, NobuhiroCombustion and Flame,Vol. 120, P. 245 - 2642000gamilsmLink
10.1002/kin.550240403 An experimental and modeling study of ethanol oxidation kinetics in an atmospheric pressure flow reactorNorton, T. S. and Dryer, F. L.International Journal of Chemical Kinetics,Vol. 24, P. 319--3441992gamilsmLink
10.1002/1097-4601(2000)32:12<741::AID-KIN2>3.0.CO; The reaction kinetics of dimethyl ether. II: Low-temperature oxidation in flow reactorsCurran, H. J. and Fischer, S. L. and Dryer, F. L.International Journal of Chemical Kinetics,Vol. 32, P. 741--7592000gamilsmLink
10.1016/j.ijhydene.2005.04.020 Hydrogen-enriched natural gas blend oxidation under high-pressure conditions: Experimental and detailed chemical kinetic modelingDagaut, Philippe and Dayma, GuillaumeInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy,Vol. 31, P. 505 - 5152006gamilsmLink
10.1016/0360-1285(94)90011-6 Ignition delay characteristics of methane fuelsSpadaccini, L.J. and Colket, M.B.Progress in Energy and Combustion Science,Vol. 20, P. 431--4601994gamilsmLink
10.1016/S0010-2180(71)80102-5 Shock-tube investigation of ignition in methane-oxygen-argon mixturesLifshitz, Assa and Scheller, Karl and Burcat, Alexander and Skinner, Gordon B.Combustion and Flame,Vol. 16, P. 311 - 3211971gamilsmLink


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