Fuel Design Tool.

- A novel way to generate a surrogate for a gasoline fuel design

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The Fuel Design Tool consists of a regression algorithm that determines the optimal surrogate composition to match the specified fuel properties, specifically hydrogen/carbon (H/C) ratio, density, thermodynamic characteristics, carbon types, and octane numbers. A chemical kinetic mechanism can also be generated with this tool for the surrogate consisting of cyclopentane, toluene, 2-Methylhexanen-Pentane, iso-Pentane, n-Heptane, iso-Octane or 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene.

This tool enables the users to generate a surrogate from a complex list of species via either a csv formatted file or entered manually through the user-friendly interface

Estimating Octane and Cetane rating of Fuels

CloudFlame consists of various tools to estimate octane numbers (RON & MON) for gasoline fuels and cetane number for diesel fuels. All the published tools are well-established methods consisting of complex regression techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks validated with a wealth of experimental data.

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How To Use:

Demonstration overview video of the Fuel Design Tools.